(traditions, language, folklore of Bulgarian Paulicians from Serbian Banat)
Funded by The National Science Fund (contract № 1842/7.11.2007)
2007 – 2010

The project team

Prof. Iskra Likomanova, coordinator - Faculty of Slavic Studies, Sofia University

Assoc. Prof. Yovka Tisheva, Ph.D. - Faculty of Slavic Studies, Sofia University

Assoc. Prof. Nichka Becheva – Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Assist. Prof. Marina Dzhonova, Ph.D. - Faculty of Slavic Studies, Sofia University

PhD Student Ivana Stoichkov, Faculty of Slavic Studies, Sofia University


The main goal of the project is collecting an archive (audio files, texts and pictures) about Bulgarian Paulicians from Serbian Banat (Vojvodina). Authentic data about the people who left Bulgarian territory in 17th century - about their culture and oral history, about Bulgarian values saved by the ancient language, unique traditions, rituals, mentality and self-identification will be collected and studied. Of great importance is the idea to enrich the knowledge about Bulgarian language and culture preserved in the territories outside of Bulgaria.

The team consists of well-known and young researchers from Sofia University and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. They follow the traditions in the area of Bulgarian, Balkan and Slavic studies developed by the scientists from The Faculty of Slavic Studies.

The research will concentrate on studying Bulgarian culture via the varieties and forms of Bulgarian language, folklore, and habits of this specific, but by origin Bulgarian socium.

The data collected will be used for academic courses thought at Faculty of Slavic Studies. Publication of the data (including internet publication) will benefit the future work of researchers in the field of Slavic, Balkan and Bulgarian studies. These data will illustrate how Bulgarian culture and language live in multiethnic context.

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